For Faculty

Conflict is a reality in grad school. Looking for advice on how to manage it earlier and more effectively?

From my soon-to-be published book for supervisors and administrators, here are a few tips how to prevent and manage conflict in graduate school. As manager of the Graduate Conflict Resolution Centre, University of Toronto (2015-2020) I often heard from faculty that they just didn’t know what, or how much, to say when they were in the middle of a challenging conversation with a student. Fear of saying the wrong thing should not prevent us from trying to listen, understand and respond to student concerns. These aren’t the only strategies that you can use or that will work to manage conflict, but they may provide you with a place to start.

– Heather

Tip #1

Ask one more question during a conversation. Research suggests that effective negotiators ask more questions. For example, instead of answering a student with a comment or providing them with advice, ask a question. See if this gives you insights into how they are approaching a problem or why (the real reasons) they are connecting with […]

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