Seeing signs that something needs to change in your organization?

I work with institutions, departments and individuals to resolve complaints / concerns and to create (or reimagine) processes and programs to support early, effective and equitable conflict resolution across the organization.

With 20+ years of conflict management experience as a coach, trainer, ombuds officer & investigator, litigator and mediator, I understand how time-consuming, expensive and divisive unresolved issues can be for individuals and organizations. Conflict provides us with an opportunity to listen and learn, to disrupt and improve processes, to facilitate resolutions and restore relationships.  Effectively managing disputes is part of a healthy, fair and equitable workplace.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of early resolution approaches to managing and resolving conflict, please contact me.

“You completely changed my perception(s) of conflict resolution as a grim/foreboding endeavour and channeled brilliance and dedication through all of your training, programming, and consulting.” 

Yaseen Ali, U of T Staff Member